Breaking Down the Teamworks Gatorade Weight Tracking Solution

Teamworks has partnered with Gatorade (Gx) to provide a seamless weight tracking solution to the health and performance market.

Powered by Smartabase and an integration with a bluetooth enabled Rice Lake Scale, read more.

**Looking for the Bluetooth enabled Rice Lake Scale? PRT has you covered, check it out here.**


Teamworks has a complete breakdown here, and additional articles that cover how to use the platform, logging in, reporting features and leveraging the mobile app.

If you need specifics on how to use the Gx Smartabase platform use the link above, for everyone else I will summarize some features/benefits below.

Features included in the Smartabase Gx Platform

**Based on the article referenced above. I have not used the platform, as it is new, but I am familiar with Smartabase**

  • A workflow to capture and store body weight data. Using smartabase and the Rice Lake Scale mentioned above.
    • Eliminate the need for a staff member to hand write body weights or build and Excel based report
    • Athlete steps on the scale and their body weight saves to their profile
  • Simple and automated reporting
    • Based on the Teamworks link above, you get a dashboard with a Team Overview report and individual reporting to dive a little deeper into a single athlete's data
    • As soon as an athlete saves their weight, the report updates for immediate intervention if required
  • Report Features
    • Longitudinal body weight tracking
    • Hydration monitoring
  • Weigh In versus Weigh Out Calculations
  • Athlete feedback
    • Potentially rehydration recommendations based on body weight loss (site was not clear on this, just a guess)
    • Options for snack recommendations
  • Easy access for many types of practitioners
    • Dietitians, Medical Providers, Strength Coaches

What types of Organizations could use the Platform?

Smartabase itself is a customizable platform. However, it seems as though this offering is quite standardized. Regardless, consider the value of storing body weight data in a centralized location instead of team specific google sheets that are subject to staff turnover (which is quite prevalent in athletics organizations).  

This alone is relevant to many types of organizations, but the workflow is simple and efficient enough to apply in a variety of sport/athletic settings:

  • Universities
  • High Schools
  • Club sports organizations
  • Professional Sporting Organizations 
  • Private Training Facilities

Capturing and tracking data with a centralized platform allows practitioners to view data to make timely decisions. Centralizations also ensures nothing is lost or misplaced over time. 

Don't forget the ease of data collection and how much time you can save. As someone who has been in charge of body weight collection in the past, I would have loved something similar to this.

What do you need to use the Platform?

Besides the obvious, a contract with Teamworks, you will need the following hardware:

  • Bluetooth enabled Rice Lake Scale, Model 150-10-7 BLE
  • iPad (newer is always better)
  • Kiosk stand to hold the ipad. Alternatively you could mount the scale display to a wall, as it is not fixed to the scale itself.
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