Rice Lake Bluetooth Scale Integration with Smartabase

Smartabase, an EMR system primarily used within athletic organizations developed a bluetooth integration with one of Rice Lake's physician scales. Model 150-10-7 BLE directly connects to Smartabase for seamless body weight tracking.

Scale Details

This particular Rice Lake Scale comes in two models, standard and bluetooth enabled. Regardless of where you decide to purchase your scale, double check that you are ordering the bluetooth enabled model.  The bluetooth model with have "BLE" in the model name: 150-10-7 BLE.

In addition to verifying the bluetooth model, make sure you ask for the AC power adapter to plug the scale into the wall. This is an additional part number. If you decide to order from Pro Recovery Tech, we include the AC Power adapter with the purchase of the scale, free of charge.

This scale model does have a remote display, meaning the display is not connected to the scale platform and can be mounted to a wall or hidden inside a kiosk stand.

How to Purchase

Pro Recovery Tech is an authorized distributor of Rice Lake Scales and can ensure the correct scale is ordered, competitive pricing and free shipping to the continental US.

Here is the link for the Bluetooth enabled Rice Lake Scale, Model 150-10-7 BLE, that integrates with Smartabase. This is the only scale model that is capable of successfully integrating.

What's Included with a Scale Purchase?

  • The scale - Model: 150-10-7 BLE
  • AC Power Adapter
  • Free Shipping - within 1 business day

If you have any questions about the scale or plan on ordering multiple units, contact our sales team for a bulk discount.

How do I connect the Scale to Smartabase?

Our team found this help guide on the Smartabase website.


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