Installing smartabaseR - A step by step guide

Step 1 - Smartabase (Teamworks AMS) Access

Before you can install and use smartabaseR you will need the following:

  1. R and Studio downloaded - If you haven't done this do a quick youtube/google search.
  2. A Smartabase (Teamworks AMS) site
    1. Site credentials - ensure you have the appropriate Coach access and data permissions.
    2. If you are a site builder or admin and plan on exporting data for multiple groups make yourself a direct "Coach" of all groups, not just parent groups.
    3. You will need all data permissions to export data from a specific event form

Step 2 - Download the devtools package

Open R Studio and run the following command:


Wait for the download then proceed to step 3.

Step 3 - Install smartabaseR from Github

Run the following commands:



Wait for the download then proceed to step 4.

Step 4 - Load the package and test

For your test export, select a small form with limited data, and/or a short date range. You want to make sure it works, not download everything in the site.


df -> sb_get_event(

    url = " ", # site URL

    form = " ", # event form name

    date_range = c("01/01/2024", "01/03/2024"), # date format = dd/mm/yyyy

    username = " ", # your site username, case sensitive

    password = " ", # your site password


        user_key = "group", # this allows you to specify a group

        user_value = " ", # group name from smartabase (teamworks AMS) site



Code Summary

Here is the complete code:

Additional Resources

 Here is a link to the smartabaseR GitHub page and a link to additional documentation.

Need Help?

Reach out via our contact page. PRT can assist with developing advanced Smartabase workflows and answer general questions.

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